Poet Promotion (Events & Releases)

Poet Promotion (Events & Releases)

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Are you a poet? Do you have an poetry-related event or release that you would like to advertise on The Poet's List's Instagram? We'd love to promote you!

The Poet's List will only issue refunds if we determine that we cannot advertise your event or release. Otherwise, all sales are final.

Consultation (Optional) :: Select this option if you would like to speak with us directly before deciding on a package. We will email you within 24 hours to schedule a phone conversation.


IG Photo Advertisements

Instagram Story Photo :: Your ad on our story. [3 posts]

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Story + Page Photo :: Your ad on our story and page.


IG Video Commercials

Instagram Story Video :: Your commercial on our story. (max 1 min) [3 posts]

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Story + Page Video :: Your commercial on our story and page.